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This epic adventure has already received media attention in national newspapers and online, with biking fans everywhere anticipating the great journey kicking off in March 2015. Check back here for the latest press cuttings. If you would like to interview the team for your publication please feel free to send us a message with the form below!

1 November 2016

Recently concluded Heroes and Helmets commemorative project has been described as an ‘epic and uncomfortable challenge’ aimed at improving the relationship between civilians and people in uniform. The project was organised by Out of Nigeria (OON), an adventure and social good organisation.

The OON(Out of Nigeria) founder, Mr. Toyin Adebola, said it was a fulfillment of his dream of a local motorcycle- inspired project that would resonate across the nation and the world with a soul stirring message and cause. Read More

18th October 2016

The recently concluded Heroes and Helmets Independence Day project, organised by Out of Nigeria (OON), an adventure and social good organisation, has been described as an ‘epic and uncomfortable challenge’ that moved Nigerians out of their comfort zones to engage with men and women of the armed forces in order to improve the relationship between civilians and people in uniform.
Founder of Out of Nigeria, Mr. Toyin Adebola, at the conclusion of the authentic Nigerian adventure dream that heralded the nation’s 56th Independence Day celebrations, said the Heroes and Helmets project was a historic two-legged event with an off-road motorcycle riding adventure around Lagos State by the Out of Nigeria team that included Dele “Bami” Bamidele, founder, Eleko Motor Race and Ron Grace, a bonafide off-road enthusiast and founder of Lost For A Reason, a charity that supports Native Americans in the United States of America. The off-road adventure took the riders through Tarkwa Bay, Badagry, Ikeja, Ikorodu, Epe, Eleko, Ajah and back to Victoria Island which was the bikers starting point.

Cross River National Park Adventure

The „Out of Nigeria“-team went on another adventure ride, this time within Nigeria. Toyin Adebola tells us about this trip, his impressions and his home country.
Read More!

24th September 2016

Heroes and Helmets is a passion project from Toyin Adebola, the Founder of Out of Nigeria and an Eagles Motorcycle Club member supported by GWR (Guinness World Record) holder Carl Reese and Brad Barker of The Ride of My Life from the United States of America. Heroes and Helmets will inspire & ignite a love for adventure & social consciousness in Nigerians, whilst showing the world the amazing things that can come Out of Nigeria.
The project has generated major buzz on Social Media, going by the hashtag #HeroesAndHelmets Read More


30th September 2016

Toyin Adebola is a man of many parts: entrepreneur, petroleum logistics services consultant, artist, biker and adventurer. He started riding motorcycles for fun about 32 years ago and bought his first adventure bike, a cruiser, in 2011.
The first of six children from a mother who is a nurse and first of 10 from a father who was a teacher, Toyin is the founder of Out of Nigeria, an adventure and social good organisation. He is an accomplished adventurer who has covered over 50,000kms on his adventures and undertaken a round-the-world motorcycle trip that covered 17 countries, starting in Nigeria through North Africa, Europe, North America to the Ice Hotel and back.
He recently shared his experience as well as provided insight into his pet project, Heroes and Helmets, which was put together to commemorate Nigeria’s 56th Independence anniversary, and to inspire a strong sense of patriotism among Nigerians at home and abroad. Enjoy it. Read More...

22nd June 2014

The team was featured in the BusinessDay newspaper in Nigeria in June this year. Related article on the online newspaper here.


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7th May 2014

The team was recently featured in the Travel & Tourism section of a national paper last May discussing the motivations behind the adventure.


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19th May 2014

Featured in the Motorbike Times about the team's motivations for the trip.

"Nigerian bikers to embark on epic trip"

"A group of Nigerian entrepreneurs are aiming to change perceptions about their country with an epic motorcycle journey.


The Eagle Motorcycle Club wants to give people around the world a different view of Nigeria following the abduction of 276 girls from a boarding school in Chibok by Boko Haram.

Members want to put the country in a more positive light and move away from the terrible incidents the nation has gone through of late."